National Science Quiz

Hosted by Charlie Pickering (from ABC’s The Weekly), the National Science Quiz is an annual live and online quiz event that aims to demonstrate scientific reasoning in an authentic and engaging way.

The audience can play along in person or via live stream, while watching the team of scientists on the panel ponder answers to questions such as “How would your voice sound on the planet Venus?” and “If you let cornflakes float on milk they attract each other. What causes this?”.


The National Science Quiz needed a website that was engaging, easy to navigate, and fun!

With no real branding before the creation of their website, the NSQ needed a look and feel built from the ground up.


With a bright colour palette and bold graphics, the NSQ website is fun and inviting. The use of animation and interactive elements engages the visitor, and the clear and simple navigation and information hierarchy makes their experience easy and enjoyable.

See it live and play along at