ACEMS – Annual Report

ACEMS (ARC Centre of Excellence for Mathematical and Statistical Frontiers) – Annual Report

Via Walking – Brochure

Via Walking lead walking tours through Tuscany, and approached Idaho to help them create a brochure with their tour and booking details that could be left with travel agents. The directors were very passionate about the Tuscany and the beautiful villages, landscape, food and wine. Their tours were very personal so the brochure had to convey this personality, whilst remaining … Read More

Waterside International Blacksmiths Festival – Poster

The Waterside Blacksmithing & Metal Art Association is a not for profit organisation for artistic blacksmiths. They provide courses, supplies and equipment, and a space for members to work. They were organising a new festival to celebrate the old craft through demonstrations, talks, stalls, and an exhibition, and needed a poster to advertise the event. The poster uses strong symbology, … Read More

Brunswick Industries – ‘The Crunch’ Social Enterprise Proposal

Approximately 100 business proposals were submitted to The Crunch, so by presenting BIA business idea and plan on a “Crunch” branded cereal box helped BIA stand out from the crowd, generate curiosity and interest from the panel as well as effectively communicate “in bite-sized pieces” BIA’s business idea and approach. Amongst other standard A4 documents and powerpoint presentations, the “Crunch” cereal … Read More


Illustrations (watercolour)