Hi there. I’m Alicia Whetton, a creative designer based in Melbourne, Australia. I have a broad range of creative design experience, and for more than 16 years I’ve been helping businesses thrive with meaningful, engaging and strategic design.

I’m so lucky to wake up every day and do something that I love. All of my life I have loved creating, and am really driven by the power of visual communication to help people navigate the world, be inspired, engaged, and really just understand what’s being communicated. In the age of information overload, most messages will get lost if they’re not communicated very quickly. There are many ways you can do this, using colour, scale, space, hierarchy, photography, font choices… I could go on. These visual tools are powerful at connecting with people very quickly. If I do my job well, it will be invisible – so well designed that it appears to be as it always should have been. Often its only bad design that we notice.

Back in 2003, I began freelancing with small to medium clients, and working at a small studio called Idaho Design and Communication. I started working predominantly in branding and print design, and over the years that has shifted to include digital and web design. Working for a small studio with no account or studio manager allowed me to really build relationships with my clients and suppliers, and get to follow a project from the first “hello”, to the final product handover and review. This has given me a versatile skill set in all aspects of a project, and helps me to better understand clients’ needs, and work seamlessly with suppliers.
Every project I begin is tailored to your business goals. I bring a unique perspective of design thinking to a project, a process which seeks to understand users, challenge assumptions, redefine problems, and create solutions. That process starts by talking to clients and really getting to know their business, ideas, and challenges.

But that’s enough from me – I’d love to hear more about you. Let’s get talking.